Day 129 ~ Where the Wild Things Are

“And Max, the king of all wild things, was lonely and wanted to be where someone loved him best of all.” 

I think we all want to feel as if some one loves us ‘best of all.’ May it sounds a bit selfish, but that feeling that you are loved by someone ‘best of all’ gives you a feeling of importance and security.


Sendak was an extremely gifted writer who according to the Los Angeles Time ‘Revolutionized the children’s genre. Washington Post said that Sendak “transformed children’s literature from a gentle playscape into a medium to address the psychological intensity of growing up.” While his passing is sad, his literary work will live on for children of all ages.

Day 84 ~ Phantom of the Opera

“All I wanted was to be loved for myself.”


“Poor, unhappy Erik! Shall we pity him? Shall we curse him? He asked only to be ‘some one,’ like everybody else. But he was too ugly! And he had to hide his genius or use it to play tricks with, when, with an ordinary face, he would have been one of the most distinguished of mankind! He had a heart that could have held the entire empire of the world; and, in the end, he had to content himself with a cellar. Ah, yes, we must need pity the Opera ghost…”