Day 16~ NCIS

I recently found that as much as I enjoyed working on this quote project last year, and really want to continue this year, I have felt like I was forcing myself to find quotes. It has begun to feel more like an obligation and I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I should. My friend asked if the quotes had to come from books? After thinking about it, I decided no. While most of my quotes will come from books, I will now instead focus on quotes and words that mean something to me as I hear them, instead of searching for them. Because to me, that is what makes a quote special. When you read or hear something that strikes something in you, that makes you feel.

So today’s quote is from NCIS, one of my favorite TV shows. I was watching last nights episode and this line stuck out with me.

Book quote

“Our worlds are different, our goals the same.”

I think many times we see people as being ‘worlds away’ from our understanding and feelings, yet really I think often times if we look beyond the differences we can see that in the end we are very similar.

And I had to add this picture because if anyone is a NCIS fan, you have to be somewhat familiar with TIVA, and yes, I fangirled a little when at this moment 🙂 One of my favorite moments, and I love the line.

“You are not Alone”


3 comments on “Day 16~ NCIS

  1. Christina says:

    Yeah a Christina shout out! What what! lol. Oh… wait you didn’t use my name. Oh well, I’ll take “my friend” just as well. Hahahaha. Glad I could help either way! 😀

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