Day 2 ~ Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

“In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But when I open my mouth, it all collapses.”

~Warm Bodies

By Issac Marion

I don’t know about anyone else, but like the Zombie R, I often feel the same way. I will have the perfect thing to say in my mind, but when I try to say it out loud, it never translates the same. I have often felt like I have the perfect thought in my head, perfect answer to express, perfect opinion to share, message to relay, but when I open my mouth, it is as if someone removed all intelligence from my head. Especially in more pressuring situations.

I think this is why I prefer writing. I am able to take the time and let my fingers do the talking. They seem to do what my mouth never can 🙂