Day 31 ~ The Book of Awesome

“We’re all going to get old one day. So let’s just love the age we’ve got and let’s not crave the age we’re not. Amen, sing it to your mama.”

I wanted to pick a great book and quote for my Birthday today, and what better book than the Book of Awesome! As my birthday approached, I couldn’t help but notice that I was less focused on how old I was going to be, and instead focused on the ages I wasn’t. I am now 28 years old, and while I wasn’t necessarily wishing to be younger, I was finding myself with thoughts of not being 21 or 25 anymore. And if my mind wasn’t focused on how young I was not, I couldn’t help think that ‘Oh man! I am going to be 30 in two years!’ I have been worrying so much on how I am not younger, and how much closer to being older I am, I wasn’t enjoying just being where I am at right now. So, I am embracing my age and not worrying about what age I am not. I am going to enjoy everyday I am 28 and appreciate every moment I have being just that 🙂